Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day weekend 08

Melody, Mike, Gage and Ali came up Sunday afternoon around 3. We had dinner waiting and ready. It was great having them come. Ali is getting so big. Already 4 months old. She just loves for you to talk to her and she will try to talk back to you and smile. She is my little princess. Gage he is so cute. I got him a big stuffed lion. He is into lions. He has a Disney animal movies, and there is a lion whose name is Samson, so that is what he called his lion. He was so excited. Melody says he goes around the house either crawling around and growling like a lion, or he flaps his arms like a bird. lol We were so thankful they were able to come up, as on Sat. he was outside had fallen off of his bike, which he didn't really get hurt except for his ankle Mel was outside cleaning out her car. He didn't tell Mel he fell. He was back to riding his bike, but the neighbor saw him, and came over and told Melody and after that, he started acting strange, Mel noticed he was acting strangely so she asked him if he was ok, all of a sudden he got wobbly and passed out, then started convulsing. She called 911 and they came, he revived they checked him out, then they had him walk and then he started vomiting. So they took him to Wooster hospital, did cat scans and test, and from there they transported him to Childrens Hospital in Ackron. It was very scarey. But they didnot find anything wrong. Everything came back normal. So they discharged him. He has not had any episodes since. He loves playing with all of my toys that I have, and I have a Thomas The Tank Engine computer game, and he loved playing that. My parents came over, and stayed for awhile so they got to enjoy the great grandkids. We went back to church Sunday evening, and after church we had Dodds over and Linda. Labor Day, got up a little after 7 David and I and made a big breakfast for everyone. The guys, David, Brad, Justin and Brother Dodd went target practicing. After I cleaned up the kitchen , Mel and I got ready and the kids, and we left and went to an outlet mall to Carters. Then we came back, and the guys arrived back home about 30 minutes after we did. We were all home for just a bit, then we left again, Mel wanted to stop at a Babies R Us so we did that, then we took them to Johnny Carinos for dinner for their anniversary. Their 7th anniversary is today the 2nd. It was really good. Then we came home. Everyone was tired. Mike went and laid down, David was working around the house, and the rest of us was just kind of sitting and laying around. Mike and Mel lefted around 5:30 p.m. for home. All in all it was a great time together. I love being with my grandkids.