Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Odds and ends

Well here I am updating somemore. On Monday, we started doing some summer cleaning instead of spring cleaning. I started in my kitchen, by scrubbing, out my oven, pulling the stove and fridge out, and cleaning behind that, David painted the ceiling, cleaned all on top of my cupbards they were terrible, you know with grease and dust, and he put up a wall border, an amish one. My kitchen is done in Amish stuff. We could never find an amish border and finally found one Memorial weekend. He ended up ordering it. It makes my kitchen look really nice. So I have posted a couple of pictures of it.

Brad redid his bedroom so I have posted a couple of pictures of his room.

Tuesday July 8th which was yesterday, David, and I and my parents, my brother Rick and wife Diane went up to Grand Rapids to the John Ball Zoo, then we went to Silver Lake Sand Dunes and rode on the dunes. Anyone ever been there? It is so nice and beautiful. We have been there several times, have taken my parents there twice and this was the first time for my brother and wife. We had so much fun. Then we went down by Lake Michigan which was right there where Little Sable Point is and David went up to the top of the lighthouse. We weren't about to climb all those stairs. It was hard enough climbing up the sand. We didn't stay long there. Then we headed home. We stopped and got something to eat, and of course made several rest stop stops. lol It was a fun day. So here is some pictures from that. Hope you enjoy.