Sunday, June 8, 2008


Last weekend we went to Ohio to Justins girlfriend Brittanys graduation. She attended Heritage Christian School. Then we spent the weekend with the Hunsakers. So I have posted some pictures from that.

Some new pictures of my granddaughter and grandson

Hi Everyone,
Here is some more pictures of my granddaughter and grandson. We went down there on Memorial Day. We went with them to Hartville Flea Market and Hartville Kitchen. We were there most of the day till around 5. Then went back to their home. Had a great time seeing my grandchildren. We were getting out of the car at Hartville Kitchen, and I said Gage you have to either hold grandmas or grandpas hand as there are cars, and he said you have to hold my arm, as he had his hands full of his trains. I said that was fine. Then he looked up at me and said can I give you a kiss? Of course that just melted this grandmas heart. lol His daddy got a motorcycle and he has a bike with training wheels, so he says his bike is his motorcycle. I've posted some pictures from the trip. I hope you enjoy.

I have just been busily working. The tux business seems to be doing really good. For which I am thankful.

I've also posted some pictures of our yard, that was taken recently. Now we have those awful cotton wood trees with all of those fuzzies. It is horrible. It looks like it is snowing. All I get done doing is vacuuming.