Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine Couples Dinner

On Friday the 13th, David and I hosted a Valentine Couple's Dinner at our home. We had a very nice dinner of breaded boneless pork chops, bake potatoes, corn, broccoli, aisian salad, homemade rolls, two different kinds of strawberry cake, strawberry creme pie, chocolate chip cookie, vanilla ice cream, and pop and coffee.

We were asking different questions like how they met, how long they dated, how long they had been married, then we played a couple games, pass the hershery kiss, when the music stopped the couple who had the hershery kiss had to kiss and they were out of the game, the last one who was in had to kiss and got the hershery kiss.

Then we played like the NewlyWed game, but with approriate questions of course, the guys went out of the room, the women were asked questions, then the men came back in and we had to see how they answered, then the same with the women. David and I came in last. lol We will be married 29 years April 26th. The Dodds had to bring their kids, as they didn't have a babsitter. But it was ok, they stayed in my bedroom and played and listened to story CDs.

At the end we sat around and talked till about 10:30 p.m. After everyone lefted David and I cleaned up the house and got it all back in order.