Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Day at our camp cleaning and then met Spiveys for lunch

One more update. As you can see I have had a lot going on. On Sat. June 21st, some from our church met at the church at around 7 a.m. to go up to our camp to clean. Our job was in the dining hall. It was actually a lot of fun even tho, there was a lot of work to be done, and we had to get up so early. In my van, there was Sister Dodd, her three kids, Sue Raper, Shar and her daughter Jori. David drove the Dodds car, with Steve and Renita and Brother Dodd had someones car who he had borrowed with another person. Our camp is up in Sunfield, MI. We had to wash all of the dishes, dry, put away, clean all the shelves off, do the trays, windows etc... A lot of the work had already been done, as the Adrian church had been up there. The McClures. Anyways, some were washing, drying, cleaning shelves, etc..... etc..... Even Kammie and Karen were helping. They were so cute. Some of us women also went and cleaned the Childrens Chapel. Around 3 in the afternoon, we left and went to Ionia, MI where we met the Spiveys who were headed back to IN. They had been up to her parents all week, as her mom had surgery. So it was greating seeing them again and their kids. We met at a Big Boys. So I am posting some pictures from all of this. Then I think this will be it for awhile. LOL

On Thursday, June 19th, I took the day off from my work as my daughter and grandchildren came up for the day. I was so excited. This was Ali's first trip. Gage was excited to see his grandma. After she had told him he was coming up here, he just kepted asking when they were going to grandmas. We had a very nice day together. She arrived around 12:30 or so, then we went to lunch, afterwards went to visit my parents so they could see their new greatgranddaughter. It made my parents very happy. My mom just thought she was adorable, but she thinks Gage is a doll too, which I do too. lol I may be a little prejudiced don't you think? My brother came over to my parents and Gage had him on the floor playing horses and trains with him. It was so funny. Wore my brother out. We were there for a while, then went by my work, so my co-worker and my sister-in-law could see the kids. Then we left including David came home, picked up Justin, went to Bob Evans to eat. Sister Dodd and Lauren met us there. It was lots of fun. Lauren was so cute too. She had on her mommys sunglasses. Afterwards we left there went back to our house and spent the rest of the evening. Gage had a blast playing with all of grandmas toys. He loves trucks and trains. His daddy drives a truck. My daughter did not leave until around 10:40 p.m. I was so worried, because she had a three hour drive. So needless to say I wasn't sleeping till she texted me she was home. But it was a great day. I love being with my grandchildren. So I am posting some pictures from that day.

Kameron Dodds Kindergarten Graduation

On Tuesday evening the 17th of June, Kameron Dodd had his kindergarten graduation. Sister Linda Raper was his teacher and his sister Karens. She did an awesome job. So the Dodds had him a graduation in one of the class rooms. Afterwards had him a reception held over where the teachers used to live. There weren't a lot of people there. Just about 20 at the most. But it was really nice. He just loved it. Once he put on his cap and gown he didnot want to take it off. Sister Linda did a day in the classroom with him and Karen. He can write his name in cursive. Sister Linda was always a stickler for neat handwriting which I think is very important. My two boys Justin and Brad both had her and she did a fantastic job. Anyways here are some pictures from his graduation and his reception afterwards.