Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We are in revival at our church with Brother Royce Bates. The revival started on Friday evening the 24th and goes through this Sunday the 2nd. On Sunday night, our pastor and his family sang. They sung Born To Serve The Lord. Kameron just loves to sing. He gets it from his dad. So I went to the back of the church to do a video clip of it. The problem is, there were some heads in the way in the beginning, and I did move up a pew so my camera kind of was moved around. But the one head did move, so you can see them. They did a great job. So I have a posted the video clip. I hope you enjoy. Their youngest Lauren is going to be just like her brother Kameron. When we start singing in church, she gets a book stands on the pew and sings with everyone else. It is so cute. She also will raise her hand, and the one time she dropped the book and raised both hands, and looked towards the heavens.

Back on the 11th of Oct. we went down to Melodys for the day. Gages 4th birthday was Oct. 18th but we couldn't be there on that day. We took him balloons, gifts, cake etc.. He was so excited. It was exciting to watch him open his birthday gifts. Little Miss Ali is getting so big. She just loves for you to talk to her and she just smiles and tries to talk to you. We had a fun filled day. Went to the outlet mall with Mel and the kids, while David and the guys put it a new back screen door. Then we went out to eat at the Barn which is right down the road from her, they also have a pretty good size lake or pond whatever you want to call it, you can feed the ducks, they have some stores you can shop at . It was really nice. Then we just came back to the house, and Mel and I and Ali ran up to Wal-Mart for a few things. Came back, we sang Happy Birthday to Gage and he blew out his candle. Then he ate a piece of his cake. Afterwards, Gage wanted me to come in his bedroom and play trains with him, which I did. We left for home around 11 p.m. or so. It was just Brad, David and I. Brad drove all the way home. We arrived around 2 A.M. For those who don't know, Justin moved to Ohio and is living with his sister. He is getting a job down there. He is loving it. I am not sure how long Mel is going to like it. lol so I have posted some pictures from the trip. I had Mel put there halloween costumes on, so I could take some pictures of them. I bought Gages halloween outfit when we went to the outlet mall. He is going to be a cowboy. Ali a little ladybug. I am also posting a couple of video clips I did. Oh , Melody was telling me yesterday, that Ali has now learned to roll all over the place. So her trouble has just begun and has just begun for Gage. He was playing trains in the living room, and had his train stuff set up when she rolled over to where he was. He yells mom, mom Ali is getting in my stuff. SMILE!!!! I said wait till she starts crawling. lol

Monday, October 6, 2008

Some New Pictures

Hello Everyone, I haven't posted any new pictures for awhile, actually since Labor Day. I have not really had any to post, so i told Melody she needed to send me some new ones of the kids . So here they are. They are getting so big. Gage is now in preschool. He loves it. Ali is now 5 months old.